Disclosure under Reg 30 for Resignation of Directors
Disclosure under reg 30 resignation of mrs. Heena Parikh
Intimation under Regulation 30 of SEBI (LODR), 2015
Related Party Transaction Report 31.03.2024
Intimation of Appointment of Secretarial Auditor
Outcome of BM 13.05.2024
Intimation of BM 13.05.2024
Intimation of Sale of Shares of Material Subsidiary Company.
Intimation under Reg 30 for Appointment of independent Director
Srutinizers Report Postal Ballot 15.03.24
Intimation of Appointment of Internal Auditor
Outcome of BM 12.03.2024
Intimation under Reg. 30 for Sale of Subsidiary
Newspaper Publication
Postal Ballot Notice - 12-02-2024
Intimation under Reg 30 for Appointment of independent Director
Intimation under reg 30 for sale of Subsidiary
Outcome of BM 09.02.24
Disclosure of RPT 30-09-23
Outcome of BM 07-11-2023
Intimation of BM 07-11-2023
Voting Results and Scrutinizers Report of 14th AGM
Proceedings of 14th AGM
Outcome of 14th AGM
Notice of 14th AGM
Newspaper Publishing - Notice of 14th AGM
Srutinizers Report Postal Ballot 27.05.23
Disclosure of RPT 31.03.23
Audited Financial Result 26.05.23
Outcome of BM 26.05.23
Intimation of BM 26-05-2023
Postal Ballot 24.04.2023
Outcome of BM 12.11.2022
Intimation of BM 12.11.2022
Voting Results and Scrutinizers Report
Proceedings of 13th AGM 24.09.2022
Outcome of 13th AGM 24.09.2022
Notice of 13th AGM 24.09.2022
Newspaper Publishing - Notice of 13th AGM
Appointment of CS Nikita Sadhwani
Resignation of CS Bhumi Vaid
Outcome of BM 30.05.2022
Intimation of BM 30.05.2022
Outcome of BM 12.11.2021
Intimation of BM 12.11.2021
Proceedings of 12th AGM
Outcome of 12th AGM
Outcome of BM 23.08.2021
Intimation of BM 23.08.2021
12th AGM Notice
Intimation of BM-25-06-2021
Outcome of BM-25.06.2021
EGM Proceeding 27.03.2021
Outcome of EGM 27.03.2021
Outcome of BM 05.03.2021
Notice of EGM 05.03.2021
Intimation of BM 26.02.2021
Intimation of BM 10.11.2020
Outcome of BM 10.11.2020
Outcome of BM 30.07.2020
Intimation of BM 30.07.2020
Intimation of cancelation of BM 30.06.2020
Intimation of BM 30.06.2020
Proceedings of 11th AGM
Outcome of 11th AGM
11th AGM Notice
Appointment of CS Bhumi Vaid
Intimation of Adjournment of BM 30.05.2019
Intimation of BM 30.05.2019
Intimation of Adjournment of BM 06.06.2019
Outcome of BM 13.06.2019
Intimation of BM 29.06.2019
Outcome of BM 29.06.2019
Intimation of BM 14.11.2019
Outcome of BM 14.11.2019
Intimation of Resignation of Company Secretary
Resignation of CFO Tanmay Kabra
Voting Result and Scrutinizer Report 10th AGM
Outcome of 10th AGM
Intimation of BM 04.09.2018
Outcome of BM 04.09.2018
Intimation of AGM 28.09.2018
Proceedings and outcome of 9th AGM 28.09.2018
Voting result of 9th AGM 28.09.2018
Intimation of BM 14.11.2018
Outcome of BM 14.11.2018.
Press Release / Statement from Company- July 11, 2018
9th AGM Notice
10th AGM Notice

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